Green-billed malkoha

Racket-tailed drongo

red-wattled lapwing

asian pied starlings

black-winged stilt

asian golden weaver

red-whiskered bulbul

blue-winged leafbird

Golden-fronted Leafbird

golden-fronted leafbird

silver-breasted broadbills

SILVER-BReasted broadbill flies from nest

blue whistling thrush

black-hooded oriole

indochinese roller

Indochinese roller

black-crested bulbul

yellow-vented bulbul

sooty-headed bulbul

ocraceous bulbul

green-eared barbet

greater-necklaced laughingthrush

gray-headed woodpecker

indochinese roller

asian pied starling

kalij pheasant

zebra dove

asian openbill

painted stork with little egrets, great egrets & spotted redshank

painted storks

javan pond heron, breeding plumage

pond heron on lily pad

white-breasted waterhen on lily pad

common greenshank

common hoopoe

greater coucal

large-tailed nightjar

Emerald dove

hill blue flycatcher

common myna

white-rumped shama

oriental magpie robin

black-naped monarch

ashy minivet

amur stonechat

blue-bearded bee-eater

blue-tailed bee-eater

eastern cattle egret

black-headed ibis

bronze-winged jacana

black-tailed godwit

little cormorant

Dusky Langur Monkey

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